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Custom Coverage for Your Commercial Business


  • You Own It

    You’re a business owner. It’s a title you’ve worked hard to earn. And whether your commercial business is located on main street or in a strip mall, downtown or in the suburbs, you know the importance of protecting it from the uncertainties of life. You need insurance to help ensure the success of your business – now and in the future.

  • The BusinessMax Advantage®

    Farm Bureau’s BusinessMax® business insurance is designed to help shelter your commercial business from potential losses and keep it running smoothly should the unexpected occur. BusinessMax is a package policy that provides two main types of insurance coverages – Property and Liability. Additional coverages may then be added to tailor your policy to your specific business needs; your Farm Bureau agent can help you understand your options.


We understand that your commercial business has unique insurance needs based on your industry, your location, your clientele, and you – the business owner. I will get to know you and your business and help you find the coverage that fits you.

  • Business Property

    Includes buildings, business personal property, loss of business income and other important protection.

  • Business Liability

    Protects your business from the costs of covered liability claims and lawsuits.

  • Business Vehicle

    Available for vehicles used for business purposes, such as transportation or delivery.

  • Business Umbrella

    Provides liability coverage over and above the standard limits of a BusinessMax policy. 

  • Workers Compensation

    Provides required coverage for employees in case of job-related illness, injury or death.

  • Added Convenience

    When you insure your commercial business with Farm Bureau, you have the added convenience of an agent who can help you protect your business and your personal life – your home, your cars, and your family.

    Also, our billing plans can be customized so you pay premiums on a schedule that fits your business’ needs.

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